220V娈5V电流150MA电源芯片适用于智能插座控制板单片机(MCU)CPU、蓝牙模块、无线传输wifi模块供电。芯片采用SOT23小型封装,采用非隔离(电感续流)方式降压输出,大大降低了PCBA成本和空间,可应用与各种小体积方案精准的DC5v输出 ,连续工件电流高达150mA。
220V 娈 5V current 150MA power chip is suitable for smart socket control board MCU (MCU) CPU, Bluetooth module, wireless transmission wifi module power supply. The chip adopts SOT23 small package and adopts non-isolated (inductive freewheeling) voltage step-down output, which greatly reduces PCBA cost and space. It can be applied to various small-volume solutions with accurate DC5v output and continuous workpiece current up to 150mA.
芯片参数 220V降5V电流150mA电源芯片默认输出5V电压,输出电压精度±0.1V。 芯片的ON / OFF PWM控制器500V的功率MOSFET可实现在通用AC输入高精度5V默认输出。PWM开关频率被固定到31KHz内置了绿色模式控制光线和零负载,从而可以实现低于50mW备用电源。电压启动电路超低系统BOM成本支撑降压和降压/升压拓扑结构开启/关闭峰值电流模式控制小于50mW的待机功耗内置频率与31 kHz振荡器除了多重保护功能,该演示也有很好的效率,线路和负载调整率,低待机功耗,符合EN55022传导和辐射EMI的要求集成了欠压锁定(UVLO电流限制(OCP热关断(OTP过载保护(OLP负载短路保护(SLP等功能和保护特征内置软启动非常低VDD工作电流TO-92和SOT23-3L封装可选
Chip parameters 220V down 5V current 150mA power chip default output 5V voltage, output voltage accuracy ± 0.1V. The chip's on / off PWM controller is a 500V power MOSFET. Can achieve high-accuracy 5V default output in universal AC input. The PWM switching frequency is fixed to 31KHz with a built-in green mode to control light and zero load, which can achieve a backup power of less than 50mW. Voltage start-up circuit Ultra-low system BOM cost supports buck and buck / boost topologies On / off peak current mode control Standby power consumption less than 50mW Built-in frequency and 31 kHz oscillator In addition to multiple protection functions, this demo also has very good Efficiency, line and load regulation, low standby power consumption, meets EN55022 conducted and radiated EMI requirements. Integrated undervoltage lockout (UVLO) current limit (OCP), thermal shutdown (OTP), overload protection (OLP), load short circuit protection (SLP) ) Other functions and protection features Built-in soft start Very low VDD operating current TO-92 and SOT23-3L packages are optional
It is a low-cost, non-isolated buck and step-up boost application that our company mainly promotes. The highly integrated PWM power chip sot23-3 ultra-small volume package, accurate 5V output, less peripheral components, reduced space, and reduced cost. Socket control board MCU (MCU) CPU, Bluetooth module, wireless transmission wifi module power supply chip